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Time to say thanks

Thanksgiving is finally upon us! The season to be grateful has started, and although this year has been challenging in ways no one could have imagined, we have learned and grown so much in the past

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Winter is coming, so is the time to buy your dream home in Florida

As 2020 is nearing its end (finally!), we approach winter once again. With it comes the freezing temperatures, snow, cold and more. While many people prepare for the next couple of months,

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7 reasons why you should move to Fort Myers

Southwest Florida has some of the fastest growing cities in the USA. Places like Fort Myers and Naples have been earning a lot of praise from the country due to several factors such as tax rates,

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7 reasons why you should move to Deerfield Beach

Florida is well known for a variety of beaches across its extensive shoreline. It is the only state in the United States with shores on both west and east borders. Blessed with a hot and sunny

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