Winter is coming, so is the time to buy your dream home in Florida

Dated: November 13 2020

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As 2020 is nearing its end (finally!), we approach winter once again. With it comes the freezing temperatures, snow, cold and more. While many people prepare for the next couple of months, Floridians are still enjoying the sunny weather, beaches and outside activities. If they can do it, why can’t you?

It is common during winter for people in the north of the US or in Canada to move to southern states to escape the cold and enjoy a hotter weather. These people are commonly referred to as “snowbirds”. With an average temperature of 15 °F to 25 °F in some states in the US and as low as 5 °F in Canada, it is completely understandable why people would want to escape the cold. 1 2

                          Winter in Montreal. Canada

The typical snowbird is usually someone who doesn’t want to cut family ties by living far away the entire year, so they usually rent a house, apartment or even a RV (Recreational Vehicle) for this sole purpose. Their destination is usually Florida, but some might end up going to Texas or California.3

These winter visitors really helped push the development of Real Estate in southern states during the 1970s, as the need to improve roads and develop better housing conditions increased drastically during these periods. Many activities and gatherings were created so these groups of people could get together and have fun!

Although many drive a RV all the way south and stay in designated parks, travelling for 20+ hours may not be appealing for everyone. This is why the possibility of having a winter home may be the better option if you plan on escaping winter every year. You would be able to travel by plane, wouldn’t have to worry about unexpected problems and would also be able to rent the place during summer, making some extra money while you’re back home.

                                       Beach house

South Florida has some of the best locations for snowbirds. With a huge variety of beautiful beaches, homes, bars and restaurants, outdoors activities and parks. There is certainly a place that you can find that will appeal to all your needs! With Agent Plus Realty, you will be able to talk to an experienced Real Estate agent and find the best home for you! Agent Plus covers all of South Florida, from West Palm County to Miami Dade County. 


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