Time to say thanks

Dated: November 20 2020

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Thanksgiving is finally upon us! The season to be grateful has started, and although this year has been challenging in ways no one could have imagined, we have learned and grown so much in the past months. Everyone has their own story of resilience and determination and how they managed to be safe during the pandemic.

At Agent Plus Realty it was not different. Many challenges were brought up during these times. Our Agents and clients had to adapt to the new sanitary restrictions and it wasn't easy for anyone, but we managed together!

2020 may be remembered for its negative aspects, but it also gave us one of the lowest mortgage rates in 30 years, which allowed more people to buy houses under this unique condition and fulfill their dreams of owning a house. We are very grateful for all our clients that trusted us with their goals and we look forward to continue working with all our community as we proceed to 2021! 

                                                     Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!

Agent Plus Realty

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