7 reasons why you should move to Deerfield Beach

Dated: November 3 2020

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Florida is well known for a variety of beaches across its extensive shoreline. It is the only state in the United States with shores on both west and east borders. Blessed with a hot and sunny weather throughout most of the year, it is perfect for people who enjoy walking on sand and swimming in the ocean.

One of the most famous cities in South Florida is Deerfield Beach, really popular for its variety of restaurants, stores and bars really close to shore, and also the beach itself. If you are considering moving to somewhere near the ocean, here are 7 reasons why you should choose Deerfield Beach!

    1. Blue skies and water

As the name suggests, the best part about Deerfield Beach is... the beach! It has beautiful and clean beaches, an amazing fishing pier, boardwalk, oceanfront living and a variety of places to go!

Deerfield Beach has had a certificate of “Blue Wave Beach”, by Clean Beach Coalition, since 1999, which means that it is rated one of the country's cleanest and environmentally safe beaches. 1

    2. Sports and activities

Are you feeling athletic? Deerfield has a variety of outdoor activities you can perform! From running on the sandy beaches, scuba diving or surfing, you can choose whatever fits you best. There are designated stores and retail that rent equipment and even give free surfing lessons! 

Surf is one of the many activities you can try in Deerfield Beach

    3. Interested in fishing?

The pier located in Deerfield Beach deserves a topic of its own. The International Fishing Pier has 976 ft, open from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. There are places to rent fishing rods and equipment, in case you don’t go fishing regularly. It’s a great spot for sightseeing too, as you can see the beautiful sunset for only $1! 2

                   International Fishing Pier, Deerfield Beach 

    4. Population and Real Estate

Deerfield Beach has a population of around 80,000 people, located in Broward County. It is composed mostly of young professionals and retirees who wish to enjoy the beach and its many restaurants and bar. Median home value is around $153,600 and rent $1,287.

According to the data, Deerfield is below the national average when it comes to violent crimes such as assault and robbery. It is a diversified city, with people from all around the world, including a strong Brazilian presence. Median household income is $45,581.3

    5. Education

There are many institutes located in Broward County that serve Deerfield Beach. Although the ones specifically in Deerfield may not be considered the best, there are other great high schools and colleges in nearby cities where you can apply to. Including 2 public High Schools ranked in the top 25 “Best Public High Schools in Florida”.4

    6. Other activities

    The city has many other places that don’t include going to the beach. Deerfield Beach has:

- Art gallery, known for its eclectic collections;

- A unique Arboretum, dedicated to preserving the state’s unique and natural environment;

- Parks, with variety of recreation options, trails and wildlife;

- Museums, with educational exhibits and activities for kids and adults;

- Green Market, in case you want to eat healthily, the Green Market is open seasonally with options in fresh fruit, vegetables and more, locally grown!

    7. Night life

Deerfield is an area with a high concentration of tourists, so it is guaranteed to have diverse late-night entertainment. According to online reviewers, there are good options of dance clubs, sports bars and lounges, seafood and much more to go in Deerfield!

If any of this sounds ideal for you, make sure to call Agent Plus Realty and schedule an appointment with our agents! Our agents have years of experience and the desire to help you find your dream home! 


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